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About Us

This web store has been created as a way to help fund The Brain Injury Recovery Network. By using a social enterprise such as the Dreaming in Vintage website we hope to provide a stable funding platform for our non-profit thus securing our ability to continue to help others into the future.

We chose vintage clothing and accessories because one of our founders is a long time vintage collector and a former antiques dealer who has the expertise to find and collect great vintage items.

We currently have just the beginning of the collection online with a lot more forthcoming. Please keep checking back for more additions.

The Brain Injury Recovery Network is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization dedicated to helping survivors and families of brain and other serious injuries. Our website is The Brain Injury Recovery Network .

Our goal is to see that survivors of brain injuries are given every chance possible to recover.

We provide practical, actionable advice from people who have suffered through the same experience. We try to educate, commiserate, and help buoy the spirits of the survivors and families as we all deal with this terrible tragedy. We provide information and support for both the crisis and the long-term care phases of recovery as well as prevention programs.

We do not give medical advice or suggest particular treatments for your loved ones. Instead, we try to inform you of some of the possible options so that you can weigh those options with the specifics of your situation and participate with the medical team to make the best decisions you can at the time. If you are interested in helping us in this cause, you can donate directly from our web site.

Dreaming in Vintage has been created to help fund The Brain Injury Recovery Network in its work with survivors of brain injuries and their families. We truly appreciate your support and thank you for your purchases.

Many of our items have been donated and if you have items you would like to donate please contact us at help@dreaminginvintage.com