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Shopping for Vintage

Shopping for vintage clothing is a little different than a trip to the mall.  However, if you enjoy the hunt, the joy of finding just the right outfit can be a lot more fun.

First of all, vintage clothes are, by definition, used and can be very old so they may have imperfections and natural wear. We try to photograph and identify any major defects but the onus is on the buyer. Please review the photos thoroughly.

Most collectors expect vintage garments to show some evidence of previous wear. Obviously the more stylish and less wear or condition issues a garment has, the pricier it is. But people who appreciate the uniqueness of vintage clothing are more than happy to accept small imperfections if it means they get to wear a one of a kind, fashionable piece of history.

We attempt to accurately describe the vintage apparel items as to their age or materials based on our knowledge and experience but please regard our descriptions as estimates and best guesses as we cannot guarantee the exact age or make-up of any item.

Also, please note that the older items often have fewer labels or descriptors. Sizes on the tags are different from the sizing of today. And a lot of older or antique clothing have no tags at all. We have measured the items to try to provide accurate information on the items.

There are basic design elements inherent to vintage clothes that can help you determine the period of the garment. Some things to look for include metal zippers, side snap closures, pinked seams, bias hem tape and union labels.

Newer garments very often have invisible zippers and have a fabric care and content label. The country of origin label can also give clues to the age.

Dreaming in Vintage has been created to help fund The Brain Injury Recovery Network in its work with survivors of brain injuries and their families. We truly appreciate your support and thank you for your purchases.

Many of our items have been donated and if you have items you would like to donate please contact us at help@dreaminginvintage.com